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Regular & Fixed Income whole life Plan in LIC OF INDIA
Posted by:blog-admin, November - 16 - 2011

In the time of uncertainty, People wants to have regular & fixed income but it is almost impossible to get regular, fixed and  hassle free income lifetime. Business man who have doing good and wants a security for their family can opt for these plans as you never know what will happen in future but your family will be safe life time they keep on getting regular and fixed income. People who wants to have regular, fixed and life time guaranteed income for them its a ray of hope. LIC OF INDIA offers two plans where they can get guaranteed monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly income through out their life.
One plan is suitable for children ( Specially for Girls ), In this plan, A lump sum or annual payment is made till the term of the policy after the maturity the child keeps on getting a regular, fixed and life time income and a handsome insurance also for their full life. and This plan is guaranteed by cent. govt. as well. For more details Visit LIC HELPLINE
In another Plan, The minimum age of getting regular, fixed and guaranteed income lifetime is 40years of age, if you are less than 40years of age you can start investing in this plan and once you attain 40years of age you will start getting lifetime income. If you put a lump sum amount in this plan or regular annual investments even then you can get regular income for their life time.

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  • omveer singhApril - 17 - 2015

    I want deposit pet month 6000/- for 18 much will get me total amount.

  • puneetApril - 30 - 2015

    I want to regular monthly income


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