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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LIC of India has many policies but there are few policies which are specially designed for NRI-Non Resident Indians, which provides special features to NRIs.
LIC Regular Investment Plan for NRI : In this kind of Plans the person has to make regular annual investments for a period and at the end of the period he gets a taxfree lump sum amount.

LIC Child Plan for NRI : There are two kinds in this category one where parents are insured and the other one where kids are insured, both provide the financial security to the child for his education and higher education/marriage.

LIC Tax Free Pension Plans for NRI : NRIs earn money by working hard away from home, leaving their families behind so they should be get an option where they should not be taxed in their own country. This is regular investment plan where there will not be any tax on maturity.

LIC Single Premium Investment Plan for NRI: In this kind of plans, the person need not to pay regularly or annually but just once and the maturity will be given to them after a fixed time.

LIC Term Plan for NRI: To get good insurance cover term plan is taken, in this kind of plans, higher insurance is available by paying just a little premium. There are 4 kind of term plans in LIC

1. Pure Insurance Term Plan
2. Term Insurance with return of Premium
3. Term Insurance equal to Maturity
4. Term Insurance with whole life coverage
5 Term Insurance covering future financial goals.

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