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Pension Plans of LIC,Buy now &  Plan for life-long celebration

Why you should buy Pension Plans of LIC?

No Social Security: In India, the population is huge and support for pensions from the government is very less. So in order to have a regular income one should definitely buy LIC retirement schemes. 

Nuclear Families: In the mid-20th Century people used to live in joint families but now people are living in nuclear families. Who will support them in old age?

Increasing living cost: The cost of living in India is increasing day by day, it will not be easy to survive after retirement if you will not have any pension.  

Start Early save Big: If you will start saving towards your pension fund at around 25 to 30 years of age of your life then over a period of time it will grow a big amount and you will get a handsome pension. 


Pension Plan Quote

    LIC Pension plan Quote

    Lic pension plan single premium Immediate annuity – LIC JEEVAN AKSHAY VII

    Table No. 857

    LIC Jeevan Akshay VII is the Single premium, guaranteed income, whole life, pension plan of LIC. 

    Age entry: Minimum 30yrs of age. 

    Max age entry: 85years

    Minimum purchase amount: Rs 1 lac

    Max purchase amount: No Limit

    Mode of Pension : Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly, This retirement scheme is also called monthly pension scheme

    LIC Jeevan akshya VII
    Pension Plans of LIC

    Single premium Deferred annuity – LIC JEEVAN SHANTI

    Table No. 858

    LIC Jeevan Shanti is the Single premium, guaranteed income, whole-life, pension plan of LIC. 

    Age entry: Minimum 30yrs of age. 

    Max age entry: 85years

    Minimum purchase amount: Rs 1 lac

    Max purchase amount: No Limit

    LIC Jeevan Shanti
    Pension Plans of LIC

    Pay Rs 2lac for 15yrs and Rs 2 lac tax-free guaranteed every year for life and Rs 80Lac* for the family fund. 

    Jeevan Umang (Table No. 945)


    LIC Jeevan Umang is the regular premium, guaranteed income, whole life, tax free,  pension plan of LIC. 

    Age entry: Minimum 90 days. 

    Max age entry: 55years

    Minimum purchase amount: Rs 2 lac

    Max purchase amount: No Limit

    LIC Jeevan Umang
    Pension Plans of LIC

    Why you should buy a pension as early as possible?

    Normally people try to calculate premiums through LIC pension plan calculator, or maturity with pension plan maturity calculators but on the right side if you will see you find how much you are losing if you will not start saving for your retirement fund at an early age. 


    Example 1: A person aged 25 who saves Rs 4000 p.m. in LIC pension plans, will get Rs 90,00,000  at the age of 60. It will definitely help him to purchase a big pension amount. 

    Example 2: As the age reaches 30 if the same amount Rs 4000 is saved then the maturity at the age of 60 will be Rs 51,00,000 which is 39,00,000 lakhs less than discussed in case 1. 

    So the more you delay your saving for your pension the lesser you will get. 

    Buy now and get a handsome pension. 


    Pension plans of LIC
    How to buy LIC Plans direct from your home instantly?

    Now all LIC plans can be bought online by just sitting in the comfort of your home. 

    Basic information: You fill out the form and provide us with your contact information. 

    LIC Staff will contact you: LIC will contact you and will reconfirm your requirement. 

    Plan presentation: Based on the requirement explained by you, we will send you the plan presentation.

    Paperless process: Once you finalize the plan, it will be processed via ANANDA. 

    Policy Payment: The premium payment of the policy through ananda can be done online via credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, etc. 

    Policy documents: The policy E- receipt & E- the bond will be received in your email and the original policy bond will be sent to your address via India post.  

    Which one is the best pension plan in India?

    All pension plans of the Life insurance corporation of India are best. They offer a variety of features that one will not get anywhere. Highest pension rates, Guaranteed addition, whole life pension commitment, can be taken jointly with son, daughter, wife, etc. The best part is LIC plans are backed by the guarantee of Central govt. 

    How much money will I get from the LIC pension plan after it gets matured?

    Different LIC pension plan offers different maturity. In some cases, one can get full corpus accumulated in the pension plan whereas in some pure pension plans only a commutation amount is given and for the rest, a pension is given.

    LIC pension plus is a pure pension plan. 

    What are some of the charges I need to pay to avail LIC pension plan??

    Only a Gst is to be paid over an above the premium. In single premium pension plans the GST is 1.8%, whereas the GST is 4.25% in regular premium pension plans. 

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