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Child Plans

Safe, Secured, Guaranteed

Children career & future protection policies from LICINDIA are 100% Safe, Secured & Guaranteed. Bonus rates of LIC Child Plans are highest among all life insurance companies operating in India. Higher bonus rates will provide you higher maturity.

LIC has various LIC Child Plans, which can cater the financial need of every child’s future like saving, security & growth.

LIC child plans are 100% safe. LIC believes that the funds for the child’s future should be totally secured so all investment made in LIC child plans go into debts based long term Bonds, where LIC gets higher, guaranteed and safe returns.

Considering the financial requirements of kids future, LIC Child Plans provide funds at different stages of kids education & marriage like from the age of 16yrs to 25yrs like LIC Jeevan Lakshya, Children Money Back, Jeevan Tarun, Jeevan Labh, Endowment, Lakshya Anand, Secure Life etc. are some of the best LIC child plans.

To choose the best among these LIC Child Plans, as per your kids future financial & educational goals, Please provide the information in the coloumn given below to calculate the  premium and maturity .

Brief Introduction of the LIC Child Plans mentioned about are given below:

Child Plan Quote

    LIC Child Plan Quote

    LIC JEEVAN LAKSHYA : This is the plan where parents are insured and kids are the beneficiaries. This is the best selling LIC Child Plan as far as child’s future education and protection is concerned. 95% of the people are interested in taking this plan. This LIC Child Plan is also called three in one plan of LIC, it is complete family package.

    LIC CHILDREN MONEY BACK : In this plan, child is insured and parents are proposers. In case everything goes well then the child gets money back at the ages of 18,20,22 & 25. In the above LIC Child Plan premium waiver benefits is inbuilt but in this policy one need to buy premium waiver benefit saparately buy paying extra premium to LIC.

    LIC JEEVAN TARUN : This is the plan where child is insured like the above plan CMB and the proposer need to make the payment till 20yrs of age of the child, the maturity comes in the years 21,22,23,24 & 25 depending on the option choosen. like 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% or 30% respectively.

    LIC JEEVAN LABH : This the plan is suitable for child of 8yrs and above. In terms of maturity this plan provides higher maturity on comparing the plans of same term. There are fix terms 16,21 & 25yrs where one have to make the payment for 10,15 & 16yrs respectively.

    This Plan is suitable for the child who is 12yrs or more on the day of taking this policy. This is the simplest & oldest plan of LIC. 

    Note: LIC plans are better than any child plan of any life insurer , to get comparison contact us at

    Though these LIC Child Plans are best Child Plans in the entire life insurance industry but if they are clubbed together with other LIC Plans they are unmatchable. Please let us know your requirement and get the best individual/combination of insurance plan like LIC Lakshya Anand.

    LIC LAKSHYA ANAND : These are combo plans which provides more benefits to kids and their parents than any single plan. In it the parents get the benefits of Jeevan Lakshya and Jeevan Anand.

    LIC SECURE CHHAYA : This is also a combination of plan where kids are insured and parents are proposer.