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Introduction of LIC Amrit Baal Plan

With lot of uncertainity, parents wants a plan for their loving kids be it a boy or girl, where they can save certain amount in short time period of 5yrs, 6yrs or 7yrs and their kids get this amount with guaranteed addition at the age of 18 to 25yrs. Then LIC Amrit Baal is the best option. It offers Guaranteed returns, no market risk, no fluctuations, everything would be written on the policy bond. Premium waiver, tax benefits, maturity in settlement all these in one plan “LIC AMRIT BAAL” 

Table Of Content

Who can buy LIC Amrit Baal?
Maturity in Amrit Baal
Death Benefit in LIC Amrit Baal
Option to take maturity in Settlement
Mode of Payment in LIC Amrit Baal
Riders in LIC Amrit Baal
Tax Benefits in LIC Amrit Baal
Amrit Baal Illustration
Check list of documents
FAQ of LIC Amrit Baal

1. Eligibility Conditions : Who Can Buy LIC Amrit Baal??

Age entry30days completed13yrs Lbd
Sum Assured2LacNo Limit
Maturity Age18Yrs25Yrs
TermSingle Premium Payment- 5Yrs
Limited Premium Payment-10Yrs
Single Premium Payment- 25Yrs
Limited Premium Payment-25Yrs
Premium Payment Term (Ppt)Single Premium Payment- Single Pay
Limited Premium Payment-5yrs, 6yrs & 7Yrs

2. Maturity: 

“Sum Assured on Maturity” and accrued Guaranteed Additions for in-force policy, shall be payable. “Sum Assured on Maturity” is equal to the Basic Sum Assured. The Guaranteed Addition will be Rs 80/1000 of the Sum Assured per annum. That is Rs 8000 per annum per lakh. 

3. Death Benefit :

The proposer will have the option to choose “Sum Assured on Death” as per the two options available under each Limited Premium and Single Premium payment. The proposer has to choose one of the options at the proposal stage. The premiums and benefits shall vary as per the option chosen and cannot be altered subsequently. 

Premium PaymentOptionsSum Assured on Death
Limited Premium Payment

Option I ->



Option II ->

Higher of:
Basic Sum Assured or
7 times of Annualized premium 


Higher of:
Basic Sum Assured or
10 times of Annualized premium

Single Premium Payment

Option III ->



Option IV ->

Higher of:
1.25 times of Single Premium or Basic Sum Assured


10 times of Single Premium

4. Option to take Maturity / Death Benefit in 5 Installments: 

For Part or Full Maturity Amount / Death Benefit Payable. Option for Maturity Benefit in Installments can be exercised up to 3 months before maturity and Option for Death in instalments during lifetime of life assured.

5. Mode of Payment: Yearly, Half Yearly or Single Premium.

6. Riders available in LIC Amrit Baal:

(1)Regular Premium: Premium waiver Benefit. 

7. Tax Benefits: 

(1) Regular Premium: u/s 80C the premium is tax free. Maturity / Death claim : Tax Free u/s 10(10D)

(2) Single Premium: u/s 80C up to 10% of Basic SA Maturity: Taxable (If Basic SA is less than 10 Times of Single Premium), Death Benefit: Tax Free u/s 10(10D)

8. LIC Amrit Baal Illustration :


9. Free Look Period/Grace Period  : 30days

Top 6 reasons why you should buy LIC Amrit Baal

1. Why LIC Amrit Baal is best plan for kids?

In LIC Amrit Bal plan, The policy holder will get the highest returns, and that too guaranteed, without any share market volatility or any kind of risk. Every year, ₹8000 will be added to every lakh sum assured, this kind of returns is not available in any other child plan.

2. Why people should choose LIC Amrit Baal?

LIC Amrit Bal is based on short-term premium payment terms. If someone feels that he doesn’t want to pay the premium for a long time, he can guarantee funds for his children’s future by investing money for only 5, 6, or 7 years. From the date of commencement to the maturity date LIC will add guaranteed additions to increase the money.

3. A special feature of choosing high or low insurance coverage?

Parents can also benefit from tax benefits along with the fund’s growth. A great feature of Amrit Bal is that you can decide whether you want more or less insurance. There are four different options given for your convenience. You can choose to take less or more insurance at your convenience. If you choose the option of more insurance, you will have to pay an additional premium.

4. LIC Amrit Baal may act as long-term FD with guaranteed returns for your loved ones.

LIC Amrit Baal plan also works like a fixed deposit (FD). You can deposit a lump sum amount in the name of your children, choose a time frame of 18 to 25 years, and LIC will increase the fund by way of guarantee additions of Rs 8000 p.a. per lakh of Sum Assured, ensuring guaranteed and tax-free maturity.

5. LIC Amrit Baal is the best gift from grandparents for their grandchildren. 

LIC Amrit Bal plan is also available in single premium mode.  So this policy can also be given as a gift for their grandchildren from grandparents as a token of love.

6. Short term that too with a premium waiver benefit option. 

A special feature of Amrit Bal is that this policy can be given to a child of just 30 days old. Though there are 5, 6, or 7-year premium paying terms available in LIC Amrit Baal,  even if the proposer can opt for premium waiver benefits, this means that if there is anything goes wrong with the proposer, all future installments will be waived, and there will be no burden on the family to pay these installments..

Check list of documents to buy LIC Amrit Baal Plan

Age Proof : Pan, Aadhar, DL, School Certificate, Passport (any one)
Address Proof : Adhaar, DL, Voter Id, Passport, utility bill (any one)
Bank Detail: Cancel Cheque with name printed on it | Bank Passbook | Bank Statement (any one)
Nominee's Id proof: Pan, Aadhar, DL, Voter Id, Passport (any one)
Income proof : ITR's for 3yrs with computation. For salaried person Form 16 or Latest salary slip for 3 months with bank statement.

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