How to change the address in LIC policy

Address change for a policy can be done Online or Offline.

Procedure for change in Address ONLINE:

For changing address online, the policyholder has to create an account at LIC OF INDIA and he has to enrol his policy in his account. After enrolling his LIC POLICY, the policyholder has to get ENROLLMENT FORM verified from any branch of LIC OF INDIA after signing it. After this verification, the LIC POLICYHOLDER can change the address own his own without visiting the branch office of LIC OF INDIA.

Procedure for change in Address OFFLINE:

For changing address OFFLINE, the LIC POLICYHOLDER has to write a letter to LIC OF INDIA mentioning his policy number. He also has to produce a proof of address along with the letter. This will be done only in his home branch i.e. the branch which issued the policy. EDMS & E-FEAP are the projects under process; once they will be successfully operational the address can be changed from any of the LIC branches without visiting the home branch.

For having any further doubts about address change, please discuss it at LIC HELPLINE FORUM.