There are more than 50 plans in LIC, which can fulfill the requirements of every individuals. Who ever it may be, For every need, there are policies in LIC. Very few people have complete knowledge about all of them. But experts at LIC HELPLINE guides you, plans for you and provide you the complete solutions of your requirements by LIC policy/policies.( Sometimes a single policy is not able to fulfill the requirements so two or more policies can also be recommended.

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V.K. sharma


Suggestions & feedback
  • Santu HoreDecember - 19 - 2014

    I would like to know the procedure of changing term & table under LIC policies

    • adminDecember - 22 - 2014

      Changing the term of an LIC policy is one of the most difficult and knowledgable work..not everyone knows about it.
      It would be best if you visit you branch..

  • Pawan ParasharDecember - 22 - 2014

    i have a policy matured in dec2014 my branch is in faridabad and i am leaving in Jhajjar haryana. Can i submit my documents in jhajjar branch and get the maturity

    • adminDecember - 28 - 2014

      No, the documents should be deposited in the home branch only

  • sarojaMarch - 29 - 2015

    sir have taken up lic ploicy in december 2012 for my 2yr child& pay rs8450 every 6 months once, kindly let me know about the policy,returns and time of maturity

  • SudhaMarch - 30 - 2015

    Dear Sir,
    I have taken Jeevan Rekha (Money back) plan during 2005 ( 10 years term) and my plan premium ends during 2015 march, after paying full premiums my agent told me that I will only get the money when I am 80 years.( Agent explained me endowment scheme and gave this whole life plan, I was misguided )
    As I am not married ( Age 42yrs) and my nominee is my mother (67 years) I need experts advise on How to get the sum assured amount now rather than waiting for life long.

    • SudhaApril - 07 - 2015

      Dear Sir,
      sor some reason my post has status “ur comment is awaiting moderation.” please advise if I have to do anything from end..

  • manigandanApril - 07 - 2015

    how to cancel the ecs transaction system. i want pay my policy to online only.

    Am waiting for your reply.

  • m m pashaApril - 09 - 2015


    I have passed LIC Agents exams conducted by IRDA. I wanted to purchase a Ready Reckoner to know more about premium tables in details which book is good and how to get it. Sir I am having Android Phone does there is any software available to calculate the premium and etc. to save time. I hope u will help in this regard.

  • suraj vohraApril - 20 - 2015

    i want to know about bonus which i received in my money back policy online..and coming bonus
    how i can check online

  • J K PuranikApril - 24 - 2015

    my policy will mature in nov.15.i want the payment should be deposited to my bank account. plz advice

  • uday baran sarkarApril - 30 - 2015

    My policy is jibon mitra .it was fone 18/3/2008.sum assured 215000 after15 tell me now acured bonus

  • Sibasish JatiMay - 13 - 2015

    Dear Sir,
    If my policy amount is 500 rs and in my bank account, I have 600 only and i have ECS facility with you.. Then is it needed that i should maintain my minimum balance with my bank account??
    Plz reply..

  • pradip sathavaraMay - 13 - 2015

    My annunity no is 087Y0501004592 but i don’t know my policy no so i can’t able to get message what can i do know my policy no?

  • harishJune - 06 - 2015


    I request you to please update the site with more information

  • Ananya TewaryJune - 16 - 2015

    My daughter has spinal problem and her percentage of disability is 80%. Can I get a policy of one time deposit (fixed) for her?

    Satya Narayan Tewary
    Father of Ananya Tewary

  • S.A.KrishnanJune - 22 - 2015

    If a holder of LIC annuities (Pension as well as Jeevan Dhara) relocates to USA, what is the procedure for changing the bank mandate (since he will have to open an NRO account). Can it be done online?


  • THIRUPPATHI .KJune - 24 - 2015

    may i known about my bonus amount and how to get the loan amount from my policy , I am drawing salary Rs – 25000 / pm in private sectore , If you provide any house loan for me , I have only Gas Id , Aadhar card , Voter Id and Educational certificate.


  • Raj kumarJune - 26 - 2015

    sir, i submitted my bond paper and other document on a agent before one year
    but i have not recieved money in my a/c. Can agent fraud us.

  • uday pratapJuly - 01 - 2015

    will i get loan against my policy from any branch or i will get the loan only from Home Branch?
    Second Queriy is that I will surrender my Policy at any LIC’S Branch or not?

  • Surendra Kumar Handa Age: 70 YearsJuly - 02 - 2015

    I was informed on my Pune res. phone by a caller that there is unclaimed bonus on my various LIC policies. For the 1st time I was told the file no. & amount due. This call was recieved on 13-6-2015. The person advised me to give 4 inputs for verification before my given file number is forwarded to the Finance Dept. to release claim amount. I had taken various LIC policies from 1970 onwards. The last policy matured on 20-05-2005.
    4 points are ready with me but the person has not called my landline number after that day. I am concerned very much as the Bonus amount is Rs. 1,67,283/82.
    Please advise for my guidance since I am retired person staying alone and ailing.

  • Kamal debnathJuly - 09 - 2015

    I have a lic policy in citi branch i am alredy pay my 8 primemum my primemum is 17899 rs per six mounth i want to know can get loan form lic if can how much.

  • GeethaJuly - 16 - 2015

    Can I apply for loan on LIC policy at any branch of LIC office?

  • K D JhaJuly - 18 - 2015

    I have taken an LIC endowment plan, table no-14. Yearly premium, Can you please tell me the premiums paid are exempted under which clause of Income tax ? ( I mean 80D or 80C)

  • Bhogilal K PatelAugust - 01 - 2015

    Can i Submit a NEFT form online to LIC ?

    Can i Submit to NEFT Form any nearest branch ?
    How can i know that my NEFT form is successfully registered ?

  • Rahul MaratheAugust - 03 - 2015

    LIC branch no. 82 has registered my policy no.823685019 surrender amount under NEFT with ICICI bank ltd. under my savings bank account. When can i expect the payment transferred into my ICICI saving account? LIC informed me by SMS on 17 July 2015.
    When can I expect payment to be transfer ? I has been more than 15 days already

  • Manoj Kumar SinghAugust - 13 - 2015

    I have purchase jeevan saral policy in 2009 of yerly 48000 to till date my age is 47.What value return when surrender this policy.

  • NaveenAugust - 13 - 2015

    Sir! My my father did a policy “Jeevan Saral (with profits) on Nov. 2009 with insured amount rs. 1,25,000 and installment rs. 6005 yearly…… in june 2015 my father died….. and l.i.c. paid me amount only rs. 1,54,400…… how can it possible when my father deposited all the installment…… and the total (1,25,000+36030 all installment) comes rs. 1,61,030 and there is no bonus added….. can you tell me the right death claimed amount? and if l.i.c paid wrong amount, what is the procedure to claim my remaining amount??????????

  • Ajay DwivediAugust - 19 - 2015

    I an holding an Insurance policy from HDFC Ergo [Family Floater] for last 4 years, and have never claimed any cashless and any other medical claims yet, nor the other coupons that they have provided for health checkup.
    So far in 5 years I have paid them approx 60,000 INR as premium.
    The policy renews in the month of May every year.

    Now, I want to port my policy to LIC where I an ready to upgrade this policy in such a way that I can add my parents 50+ mother and 65 father with My wife 33 yrs and two daughters 7 years and second one a 1 month old.

    Please advise me the best procedure that I should follow so that I can get the best result for the money that I will pay further.

    Though I make maximum investments in LIC, but this year only I saw LIC also has Medical Insurance product that they sell.

    Thank you and sincere regards – Ajay

  • AhmedAugust - 23 - 2015

    My brother inlaw has passed away in car accident in soudi arabia.he had a polocy .we have claimed but they are prresuring to invest the same in lic

  • shivam pandeySeptember - 01 - 2015

    I opened a FD in Lic on 28.08.2015 and i have some family problem so i couldn’t able to continue FD i want my money back.Could this possible or not..

  • VijayanNovember - 27 - 2015

    My father recebtly passed away so we applied to get lic premium money and we applied thorough NEFT still now we didnt recieved the money yet…is it sppedier?so many months as we applied…how can i check the status of that application?when will we recieve the money in our reputed account?

  • sarvejeetJanuary - 08 - 2016

    sir ,neft kya hai form ko fillup karne k bad kaha jama karna padega

  • sarvejeetJanuary - 08 - 2016

    sir. neft form fillup karne k bad kaha jama kiya jayega


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