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Good news now you can buy any LIC policy online as well. It is totally paperless & all the process can be initiated direct from your home. 

Fill the form as per your need and our executives will contact your shortly

Now you can buy policy online as well as offline.

Procedure for buying policy online

Fill the form above & select the mode as Online

Our LIC support team will contact you. They will understand your requirements & will send you a customized pdf from official Email id. Once you approve and agree with term & conditions then the process of Online logging of your policy will start. 

The system through which online policies issued are called ANANDA.  The policies issued will be totally paperless. 

Your mobile number should be linked to your Aadhar card as e verification is must for online policies & your details will be taken directly from UIDAI.

In order to have trust, all the process will be done live on google meet software so that you can see each & every step. After confirmation of every step you will receive Email of filled form on the email id which you will provide during the logging process. 

Once the details are confirmed by the prospect then he has to make the payment online. After confirmation of the payment, the LIC support team will check the details of the policy. Once underwriter found it ok the policy will be issued. The First premium receipt & the policy bond will be mailed to email id. 

For any further information you can talk to the executive who will call you.