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Can Foreign National of Indian Origin Take LIC POLICY?
Posted by:blog-admin, December - 27 - 2011

NRI’s & Foreign National of Indian origin can definitely take LIC POLICY and they can continue it in any country.
Green Card holder can also take LIC POLICY. Green Card Holder is a person with nationality of foreign country and LIC OF INDIA will consider him under the category of Foreign National of Indian origin as mentioned above.
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1) Insurance will be allowed to Foreign Nationals of Indian origin only to their visit in India & and the policy will be issued in Indian currency with maximum sum insured of Rs 50 lacs or of Rs 5 million.
2) Even Foreign Nationals of Foreign Race can also take LIC POLICY but rights to issue any such policy vest with Central Office of LIC OF INDIA.

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How to change LIC BRANCH of your LIC POLICY?
Posted by:blog-admin, December - 26 - 2011

LIC OF INDIA is the biggest life insurance company in India operating since 1956 with more than 2000 branches and offices. To change a LIC BRANCH for your LIC POLICY is very easy. Simply write the mail or give a written request to your home LIC BRANCH mentioning the name of the new LIC BRANCH and your LIC POLICY will be shifted from your old LIC BRANCH to new LIC BRANCH which you demanded.


1) . In LIC OF INDIA each branch has a name either simply numeric like 122 or 91 or 113 or any number something like that. Sometimes you will find the name of the LIC BRANCH will be the combination of numberic letters followed by English alphabets like 11A or 91P or 11P etc.

2). LIC BRANCH is usually written on your FIRST PREMIUM RECEIPT and also on the LIC POLICY bond.

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