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How to join LIC as Agent in Delhi & Gurgaon ?
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Call 99100-39879 Now to Join LIC as an Advisor in Delhi NCR

LIC  एजेंट बनने का तरीका एवं  फायदे


यह एक नौकरी नहीं है बल्कि एक बिज़नेस है , यह आप पार्ट टाइम या फुल टाइम में भी कर सकते हैं आप इसे अपनी चालू नौकरी के साथ भी कर सकते हैं , इसमें समय की कोई पाबन्दी नहीं होती ,आप इसमें किसी भी नौकरी या बिज़नेस से ज्यादा पैसा कमा सकते हैं

Call 99100-39879 Now to Join LIC as an Advisor in Delhi NCR


इसकी सबसे अच्छी बात है अगर आप कम से कम बारवीं पास है तो आप इस काम को कर सकते हैं.  कमा सकते है लाखों या करोडो जो कोई बड़ा बिज़नेस मैन या ऊचें ओहदे पर बैठा आदमी कमाता है


          Call 99100-39879 Now to Join LIC as an Advisor in Delhi NCR


                                                 दिल्ली एवं गुडगाँव में एजेंट बनने के लिए संपर्क करें

                                                     श्री विनय कुमार शर्मा

                                                      विकास अधिकारी

                                                       शाखा 11A एवं  122

                                                      99100-39879, 9716-836-836

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Table no 165

Jeevan Saral : With Profit Plan

Winner of Golden Peacock Award

  • A Unique plan-probably first of its kind.
  • A conventional plan but has good features of unit linked products but it is not ULIP.

It is easier to understand and provides many benefits to lic policyholder.

  • A lot of guarantee
  • A lot of liquidity
  • Flexibility of term- policyholder can choose term from 10yrs to 35yrs
  • Mode: yearly, half yearly, Quarterly, SSS and ECS
  • A higher cover, particularly for lower terms and higher entry ages.
  • Maturity Benefit
    • to be taken from the Maturity Sum Assured Chart
    • Loyalty addition Payable in Addition
  • Surrenders:
    • No surrender penalty after 5 years
    • Higher Surrender values
    • Retrospectively worded out
    • Loyalty additions payable, if surrendered after 10 years
  • Death benefit :
    • Depends on the premium only
    • Equal to 250 times monthly premium plus return of premiums ( excluding first) plus loyalty additions
    • Full cover remains till the end of the term.
  • Premium holiday : up to 12 months after policy has been inforce for 3 years
  • Loan available after 3 years
  • Partial Surrender : Conditions for partial surrender
    • At least 3 years premium are paid
    • Minimum basic annual premium after withdrawal – Rs 3000 where age at entry was 49 yrs of below
    • Minimum basic annual premium after withdrawal – Rs 4800 where age at entry was 50 yrs of above
    • Minimum basic annual  premium for withdrawal is Rs 1200/-
    • Withdrawal in multiples of Rs 600 thereafter
    • Minimum waiting period between successive withdrawals 1 yr
    • At the time of withdrawal no loan should be outstanding on the policy
    • All future benefits and premiums under the policy will get reduced proportionately.



In the history of life insurance, First time LIC OF INDIA has launched a revolutionary life insurance product Jeevan Saral in the year 2004 which won Golden Peacock award for innovation in life insurance.

In Jeevan Saral plan Sum Assured is decided by choosing the premium and minimum premium is Rs 250 per month or Rs 3000 per annum and there is no upper limit for choosing premium. Now If Monthly premium is Rs 1000 then sum assured will be Rs 250 times 1000 that is Rs 2,50,000. Note: It is not necessary that you have to pay the premium only monthly you can pay by any mode yearly, half yearly or quarterly as well.

A unique Feature

There is also a Unique Feature under LIC JEEVAN Saral Plan.In case of death claim, in addition to the sum assured payable on death, all premiums paid, (excluding the first year premium, extra premium paid and premiums for rider benefits), will be refunded. This is the first time that such a feature has been introduced. The results is a continuously increasing risk cover from the second year onwards.

Is Jeevan saral a with profit plan?

Yes, But Bonus will not be declared each year as under other plans. Only “Loyalty Addition” will be given. The Loyalty Addition is payable only if premium have been paid under the policy for at least 10 years and ten years have completed since the date of commencement. This Loyalty Addition is payable even when a policy is surrendered and also under the Death Claim.

Paid Up and Surrenders

A policy will acquire paid up  value provided premiums have been paid for at least for three full years. Once a policy acquire a paid up value, it can be surrendered. But there is a unique feature when it comes Surrenders.  Provided premiums have been paid for 5 full years Surrender will be treated as maturity for a reduced policy term. What does this mean. ?

For example a policy for term 20 yrs, being surrendered after premiums have been paid for 12years. This will be treated as if the policy was originally taken for a term of 12 yrs and the maturity value corresponding to term 12 yrs will be paid. Since premiums have been paid for 12 full years, the Loyalty Addition corresponding to term 12 will be also be paid. Note: A policy holder need not decide the policy term at the time of completing the proposal. He/She can first opt for the maximum permissible term corresponding to his age and postpone the decision on a suitable term to a convenient date in future. So in this Sense Jeevan Saral is a flexible term plan.

Can a person have multiple terms for the same policy?

The answer is yes, Let me show you how it is possible.

For example, a person paying a premium of Rs 700 per month( i.e. Rs 8400 per year) under his Jeevan Saral Policy and initially takes the maximum permissible term ( say 30yrs). The initial Risk cover will be for Rs 1,75,000, increasing by Rs 8400 each year from the 2nd year onwards.

                              Later, he decided to have a term of 12years under One Seventh of the policy. It will be presumed that there were two policies originally. One with the annual premium of Rs 1200 for a term of 12 years and another with an annual premium of Rs 7200 for a term of 30years. At the end of 12yrs, the Maturity Value, along with Loyalty Addition, will be settled under the portion for the terms 12yrs. Under the balance policy, the annual premium will now be Rs 7200. Risk cover Rs 1,50,000 and term 30yrs. If death claim occurs at any time later, say during 17th year, the claim amount payable will be Rs 1,50,000 + (17-1)X 7200 + Loyalty Addition for term 17years.

                              After another 3 years, he decided that under another two seventh of the original policy, the term should be 15 years . It will be presumed that there was three policies originally. One with the annual premium of Rs 1200( which has already matured), another for annual premium of Rs 2400 and term 15years, and another for an annual maturity value corresponding for a term 30 years. At the end 15th years, the maturity value corresponding to annual premium of Rs 2400 and term 15 yrs will be paid along with the Loyalty Addition. Under the balance policy, the annual premium will be Rs 4800 and risk cover will be Rs 1,00,000.If death claim occurs at any time later, say during 21st year, the claim amount payable will be Rs 1,00,000 + (21-1)X 4800 + Loyalty Addition for term 21years. Thus it is clear that LIC JEEVAN SARAL is so flexible that one policy can have multiple terms. or you can say that there is lot of flexibility of choosing the term of the policy.

For the above shown illustration, JEEVAN SARAL is almost like Flexible Money Back Plan.

Are there any restrictions on such on Such partial Surrenders?

Yes but only a few.

  • The reduced annual premium after partial surrender, excluding rider and extra premiums, should not be less than Rs 3000, where the admitted age under Jeevan Saral is less than 50 and Rs 4800 when the admitted age is 50 or above and should be in multiple of Rs 600 (i.e. the monthly reduced premium has to be a multiple of 50)
  • The amount by which the annual premium can be reduced for the purpose of a partial surrender has to be a multiple of Rs 600 and should not less than Rs 1200.
  • A minimum waiting period of one year is required between successive surrenders.
  • When a partial surrender is made and the sum assured payable on death get reduced, the sum assured under accident and term rider benefits, if any, will get correspondingly reduced.
  • Before making a partial surrender, any outstanding loan under the policy has to be repaid in full.

When will the Loyalty Additions be declared?

The Loyalty Additions will be declared after each actuarial valuation. It will be based on policy term. In the case of death claim and surrenders, and in the case of policies under paid-up condition, the period for which premium have been paid will be taken as the policy term. A policy will be eligible for Loyalty addition only after payment of premium for full 10yrs and after completion of 10yrs from the date of commencement. A Loyalty Addition is payable on death of maturity or when a policy is surrendered. If death claim occurs in 10yrs of a policy provided the policy is inforce at that time, it will be eligible for Loyalty Addition even if the premium for the 10th year has not been paid in full.


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( A Non ULIP, Single Premium, Guaranteed Maturity Plan, Table no. 808)

LIC OF INDIA has launched another new product LIC JEEVAN VRIDDHI. It is a single premium non-market linked plan which provides for payment of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured along with Loyalty Addition, on maturity. Under this plan death benefit is the Basic Sum Assured. The benefits and other details of this plan are given below.


Maturity Benefit:
At the end of the policy term, maturity benefit equal to the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured along with Loyalty Addition, shall be payable. Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured will depend on the entry age of the Policyholder and the single premium excluding extra premium, if any.

Case 1: If someone who is in 30% tax slab invest Rs 1,00,000/- in it he will save Rs30,000/- as tax benefit so his net investment becomes Rs 70,000/- and on which he is getting Rs 2,21,651 which is 100% tax free so the net yield in this plan is more than 12%.
Case 2:  If the investor is in 30% tax slab and his 1lac limit of secton 80 C already used, even it is great investment for him as if he had invested in banks he has to pay the taxes on maturity @30% (Rs 121651 @ 30% = 36495 goes in taxes ) but here in LIC JEEVAN VRIDDHI he is not taxed at all so still it is a good investment.
Death Benefit:
On death of the life assured during the policy term, Basic Sum Assured i.e. 5 times of single premium excluding extra premium, if any, shall be payable.

To Buy this policy visit http://www.lichelpline.com

Why one should buy LIC JEEVAN VRIDDHI?
a) In the time of uncertainity, LIC JEEVAN VRIDDHI is the only guaranteed plan.
b) This is one time (Single Premium) investment LIC POLICY in which the customer get returns alongwith  insurance.
c) You can get loan on your investment at very reasonable rate 10.25% per annum.
d) There is tax benefit on the premium under section 80C.
e) The maturity is also tax free under section 10.10D.
f) Best plan for people with High Income group as they can get tax benefit on the premium and the maturity will also be tax free.



Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions
a) Minimum Entry Age : 8 years (completed)
b) Maximum Entry Age : 50 years (nearest birthday)
c) Mode of premium payment : Single premium
d) Minimum Single Premium : Rs.30,000/-
e) Maximum Single Premium : No Limit
The Single Premium shall be in multiple of Rs. 1000/-
f) Policy Term : 10 years
Age at entry of the Policyholder is to be taken as age nearest birthday except for the
minimum age at entry i.e. 8 years.

Guaranteed Surrender Value
The Guaranteed Surrender Value will be available after expiry of one policy year.
The Guaranteed Surrender Value shall be 90% of the Single premium paid excluding
any extra premium, if any.

Special Surrender Value
Special Surrender Value will be payable, if it is more favorable to the policyholder. The Special Surrender Value will be the discounted value of the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured. The discount factors shall be the special surrender value factors used for Endowment Assurance plan, which will depend on the duration elapsed since commencement of the policy.

Loan facility is available under this plan, after completion of one policy year subject to following conditions:
a) Loan can be granted after completion of one policy year subject to a maximum of 70% of Surrender Value.
b) The rate of interest to be charged on loans granted under this plan will be 10.25% p.a. compounding half-yearly and the same would be subject to review from time to time by the Corporation.

Back-dating :
The policies can be dated back within the financial year, as usual. Back-dating interest will be charged at the rate of 10% p.a., at the time of completion of policy, for dating back in excess of one month. The interest shall be charged even where the policy is back dated to a lean month.

Proposal Form :
Proposal Form No. 300 or 340, as the case may be shall be used under this plan.


Download power point presentation of Jeevan_Vriddhi

Download Guaranteed maturity Sum assured LIC JEEVAN VRIDDHI


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