(RAE: Retire And Enjoy)

Plan for pension, Plan for life long celebration

(Debt based safe TAX FREE pension, increasing whole LIFE
INSURANCE cover, lower premium & liquidity)

Safe, secured & debt based (Non-Ulip) TAX FREE pension
Highest insurance cover comparative lower premium
Premium paid U/S 80 C is also tax free
Whole life & Increasing risk cover
Liquidity: Loan possible after 3 years
No impact of inflation
Riders to choose from : accidental, critical illness rider

Description: The objective of this pension plan is to provide financial security to the family of the pension plan holder during his productive span of life and a happy independent retired life style for himself and his spouse, after his retirement.

Mrs Malini, aged 35, working in MNC and has a annual package of Rs 11,00,000 per annum. She wants to invest Rs 8000-10000 per month and wants something which can provide her good insurance cover, tax saving on premium and a handsome amount of pension after retirement at the age of 60yrs.
(Note: Pension that comes through a pension plan is considered as income and pensioner has to pay taxes as per applicable tax slab. But Retire and Enjoy provides TAX FREE pension)

RAE provides her a life insurance cover of Rs 28,00,000 starting from the age of 35, increasing every year by Rs 1,30,000 per annum beating the inflation and reaching a maximum cover of Rs 70,00,000 at the age of 60. At 60yrs of age, she will start getting a TAX FREE pension of Rs 6,50,000 per annum and during retirement period, she will also enjoy the risk cover of Rs 28,00,000 till 100yrs of age. The premium paid in this plan is also tax free under section 80C. To meet any unforseen circumstances of life, she has an option to take loan on it with a very nominal rate of interest 0.8% per month compounded half yearly.

Age at entry (min) in years 18
Age at entry (max) in years 50
Minimum premium Rs 4000 per month
Term (min) in years 10
Term (max) in years 40
Loan After 3yrs from date of comencement
Riders Accidental, Critical illness rider

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