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Life Insurance Industry is changing very fast, IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) is trying day and night to provide best Life Insurance Advisors to Life Insurance Industry. It has changed the syllabus, and pass percentage of the candidates applying for IRDA exam dropped from 80-90% to 30-40%. There are various reasons behind it. Most of the people are joining life insurance industry are part timers and they have very busy life style and it is difficult for them to crack the IRDA exam by just studying 50hours in a classroom training.

online training for irda ic 33

There is a online training course is available for people who are facing problems in clearing IRDA exam or for those who need detailed idea about IC-33 like difficult words, concepts, practice papers, course curriculum, chapter wise marks bifurcation, study material, mock test etc. There are more than 15 online practice papers based on IRDA exam pattern, each and every chapter is explained with the help of training videos, you can access these videos 24X7 from your home either early morning, late night, during Sunday or from your office during lunch hour. All you need to do is register there and start studying.

Sample paper 1 IC-33 Hindi,    Sample paper 2 IC-33 HindiSample paper 3 IC-33 Hindi

Sample paper 4 IC-33 Hindi,   Sample paper 5 IC-33 Hindi, Sample paper 6 IC-33 Hindi

Sample paper 7 IC-33 Hindi, Sample paper 8 IC-33 Hindi, Sample paper 9 IC-33 Hindi

Note: The above mentioned course in not the substitute of IRDA training but supplement to it.
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