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Enquiries through SMS for LIC POLICIES
Posted by:V.K. sharma, August - 24 - 2012

In LIC, there are facilities to get enquiries through SMS for ordinary as well as annuity policies.

For ordinary policies to know your premium position / Revival quotation / Bonus Accrual / Loan available / Nomination Status send SMS to 56677 by typing


E.g. To know loan under your policy no 123456789,

type¬† “asklic<PolicyNumber><loan>”¬† and sms to 56677


For annuity policies to equire about Status, Existence Certificate due, last Annuity release date, Annuity Payment mode, Annuity Amount, Cheque Return information send SMS to 56677 by typing


E.g. To know the amount under your annuity policy no. 987654321,

type “LICPension<987654321><AMOUNT>” abd sms to 56677


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