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Posted by:V.K. sharma, November - 02 - 2015


Girls are gift of god. In earlier times, people used to expect a boy child over a girl child. They used believe that a boy will serve them throughout their lives. But over a period of time this thought is changing, now in every sector girls are proving themselves better than boys. Even government is coming with new schemes so that people treat girls and boys equally. And studies proved that girls are better than boys in every field.

Lic Policy for girl child
Lic Policy for girl child

LIC OF INDIA has a launched a new LIC Policy for girl child, which provides full security to girl child education from Kindergarten to Post Graduation.

Normally the best and the safest investment from safety point of view is RD regular deposit in bank, In any situation the money will be safe though the returns are small.

LIC also brought a plan “Jeevan Lakshya Plan for girls” which is totally risk free. All investment in this plan goes into the debt market. “Means whatever you will invest in this plan that is 100% safe and secure“.

Lic Policy for girl child

In this plan the maturity is “GUARANTEED“. If you are there then you have to make the payments till the end of the term and then the maturity will be given to you which you can use for the well fare of your girl child and in case due to any mis happening with you if you are not around even then LIC of India will definitely give maturity to your GIRL CHILD at the end of the term of the policy without taking any premium from the family of the girl child. that is premium will be waived for this policy so that girl should not be a burden for the family.

Due to above GUARANTEED maturity feature this plan is also called “SECURE MARRIAGE PLAN for girls”

Lic Policy for girl child

Guaranteed Educational benefits: If you as parents are around then you will try to provide you the best education from kindergarten to post graduation to your “GIRL CHILD”
but in your absence LIC will provide a lump sum amount every year to the GIRL CHILD so that she can continue her education in the same manner.

Due to this above feature this plan is also called “GUARANTEED EDUCATION plan for GIRL CHILD.

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V.K. sharma


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  • pawan kumarDecember - 16 - 2015

    appropriate plan for girl child aged 8yrs old.and how much bonus Iwill get on my money back policy of Rs 1 lakh completing 15 yrs in march-2016

  • JAYAN K.PJanuary - 07 - 2016

    Dear sir,

    I would like to know the details of the scheme Premium maturity etc. my daughter is 11 yrs


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