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Posted by:V.K. sharma, January - 20 - 2016


(Table No. 836)

Jeevan Labh is limited payment Endowment & Guaranteed Plan launched by LIC on 04th Jan 2016. As per LIC terminology the table number of this plan is 836. After a long time LIC OF INDIA has launched such a wonderful Plan. If you will have a look at this Plan then you can stop yourself buying for this plan. This plan is available for all age groups from 8yr to 59yr so age.

Term in Jeevan Labh Plan

There are three fixed terms in this plan 16yrs, 21yrs & 25 yrs. The premium payments are 10yrs, 15yrs & 16yrs respectively.

For term of 16yrs the premium paying term is only 10years i.e 836-10-16

For term of 21yrs the premium paying term is only 15years i.e 836-15-21

For term of 25yrs the premium paying term is only 16years i.e. 836-16-25

Age Entry in Jeevan Labh

Min Age Entry : 8 years

Max Age Entry : For Term 16yrs -59yrs

: For Term 21yrs- 54yrs

: For Term 25yrs- 50yrs

Minimum Sum Assured : Rs 2,00,000

Maximum Sum Assured : There is no upper limit in the multiple of Rs 10,000

Modes: Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly & Mly (ECS)

Click the below pictures to know why you should buy this plan.

Why one should buy jeevan labh Total Premium is less in Jeevan Labh Tax benefits of Jeevan Labh
Buy Jeevan labh Plan
Buy Jeevan labh Plan

Buy Jeevan labh Plan

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