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How to Transfer LIC Policy from one branch to Another?
Posted by:V.K. sharma, November - 12 - 2021

When a person relocate himself from one place to another due to any reason, be it job change, promotion, marriage or any other reason. Then in that case the person wants to keep all his LIC policies near his residence. The purpose of shifting all the LIC Policies near his residence he can easily get support from the nearest branch of LIC. We also suggest that one should have LIC policy near his residence so that in case of emergency his family can also do the formality easily. 

The process is simple and easy. The person wants to change the branch of his LIC policy has to write the letter to the previous branch mentioning the name or the number of the new branch along with the id proof. 

The exact process is as follows:

Keep the ID proof ready (Pan/Aadhar/DL/Voter Card) ready with you. Keep the code of the old branch ready with you. It will be mentioned on the first premium receipt or policy bond. 

The letter format is:

The Branch Manager
Branch Code .......... //Note: Write old branch code
// if address is also known
Pin Code........

Subject: Branch change in the policy number....................
//write the policy number

I have taken the policy (//write policy number) from your branch (//write the branch code) and now I have shifted at the new address (//mention new address) so I want to transfer my LIC Policy from (//write old branch code) to (//write new branch code with address). Kindly get it done.

Id proof (Pan/aadhar) is attached alonwith.

Thanking you

Your Name.................
Mobile .................


Send the Letter & ID proof by email and the by courier also. Why by courier? so that it can be traced out, who received it in LIC, as when required. 

The same should also be sent by email. Before sending courier to the branch scan it with some good mobile scanner and do send the mail also. The Email id of the old will be bo_(branch code) For example if the branch code is 112 (would be written on the premium receipt of policy bond) then the email id will be This format is applicable to all the branches of LIC. 

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V.K. sharma

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