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Better Than Fixed Deposit
Posted by:V.K. sharma, March - 15 - 2016

LIC JEEVAN SHIKHAR plan  (the best plan for tax free maturity ) is closing on 31st March 2016.  The Actual calculations shows that this plan is better than fixed deposit in banks. These days the rate of interest on fixed deposit in banks is 7.5% but for a tax payer or whose income is more than 10lakhs, LIC JEEVAN SHIKHAR is better than FD of the bank.


Example: Suppose Mr. Ram aged 35 is investing Rs 96,184 in bank for a term of 15yrs at the rate of 7.5% . If Mr Ram is in 30% slab than for every investment he is doing in bank will attract 30% tax that means the net rate of interest for him will be 7.5% minus 30% of 7.5% that is 7.5-2.25=5.25%. In this case his money will be doubled in 13.72yrs as per 5.25% rate of interest and with this rate of interest his money after 15years will be Rs 207,221.


But LIC JEEVAN SHIKHAR is giving you much more than this

  1. For an investment of Rs 96,184 the customer will get Rs 2,40,000 (Rs 2,20,000 MSA +20,000 LA) after 15yrs which is definitely more than bank FD.
  2. In Bank the customer is getting just interest but in LIC he is getting life insurance that too ten times of the premium paid that is in this case Rs9,61,840 which is absolutely free..
  3. If you buy a term plan of Rs 9,61,840 for a tenure of 15yrs at the age of 35 then the annual premium will be Rs 2000 for the term plan. That is customer saves Rs 30,000 for the term plan. Which is free in this plan.
  4. If you consider the cost of insurance than net investment of the customer will be Rs 96,184-30,000=Rs66,184 and the returns of Rs 2,40,000 on this investment is better than any investment in Indian market available today.




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V.K. sharma

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